Tierps Energi och Miljö AB chose iLOQ’s mobile-phone-based S50 system to increase critical infrastructure security and improve access management

TEMAB’s water and wastewater facilities in Tierp with iLOQ’s battery-free, programmable electronic padlock

Tierps Energi och Miljö AB replaces its mechanical locks with iLOQ’s fully digital S50 system. Access to dispersed water and wastewater facilities is easily managed remotely with a battery-free and maintenance-free solution.

There are few things more important to society than clean water. Water supply is an example of highly regulated critical infrastructure. In Tierp, a municipality in East Central Sweden, the responsibility for this infrastructure lies with TEMAB – Tierps Energi & Miljö AB.

When TEMAB wanted to ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of their facilities far into the future, they chose iLOQ S50 for their approximately 400 new locks:

“The locking system for our water and sewage facilities needed to be replaced, partly to increase security and partly to get better control and flow of key management when lending keys to external contractors. iLOQ’s S50 system met all the requirements we have and, at the time of writing, the replacement is in full swing and going well,” states Kalle Wahlsten, Project Manager VA, Tierps Energi & Miljö AB.

Managing access to water and sewage facilities is demanding because sites are spread over a large area – and there are many of them. Tierps Energi & Miljö has 120 locations for facilities with a total of about 180 cylinders and 150 padlocks. These will now be equipped with digital cylinders and padlocks from iLOQ which allow access rights to be granted for each individual lock.

“We chose iLOQ S50 to avoid having to lend physical keys that may not be returned. Now we can add people and mobile keys to the system. We can send out access rights for facilities to the user’s phone with a time limit and remove permissions when needed”, Mr Wahlsten continues.

The iLOQ S50 is the first and only lock cylinder in the world that utilises NFC technology in the user’s mobile phone to create the energy needed to unlock the door. The system is already widely used in critical infrastructure around the world, for example by Telia to secure data centers in Finland.

In Tierp, iLOQ’s Key Account Manager Stefan Gyökeres was involved in the project.

“iLOQ has extensive experience when it comes to digital locking and access management systems in critical infrastructure. We are pleased that Tierps Energi & Miljö AB chose iLOQ and that we can be involved in securing a sustainable Tierp,” concludes Mr Gyökeres.

For more information, please contact:
Stefan Gyökeres
Key Account Manager, iLOQ Sverige AB


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