The iLOQ family team spirit

One of the key reasons why iLOQ is so successful is that we have a real team spirit. It’s our way of working and at the core of our culture. It can be seen in many ways, every day; from our commitment to achieving our targets, to how we deal with customers, partners and vendors and in the way we collaborate with our colleagues.

We also see ourselves as more than just colleagues working for a corporate machine. We see ourselves as a family. Families support one another, show kindness and respect and help each other in good times and in more challenging times. And there has never been a time like the present to showcase the iLOQ family team spirit.

The Coronavirus has had a major impact on all areas of life throughout the entire globe. Businesses are suffering and families are being kept apart. But I can safely say that, at iLOQ, we should all be proud of how we have adapted to these unprecedented circumstances.

We are currently ‘apart’ in 8 different countries and in hundreds of homes. But we are continually supporting each other through daily and weekly online meetings, virtual coffee breaks, phone calls and chats. On a company level, we have weekly info sessions to make sure all our employees are up to date on the business environment and to hear each country’s situation. We celebrate successes by sharing to all the great work done by an individual ilOQian or by a team.

We are known for our innovation skills, and we have had amazing new ideas to, for example, ensure that we meet customer demands in these difficult times. We make sure to pass on these best practices to each other in our different countries.

Another way of showing our support and caring for each other has been our active Personnel chat forum. This is the place where we cheer each other up and set challenges for our teams to ensure that we have a little fun while also working hard. One unique example has been the “Let’s keep up the iLOQ family spirit” video challenge which was started by the French team. In these videos we send our regards to other teams in different countries, sometimes showcasing our singing and dancing abilities! The videos themselves have been amazing, but the discussions around them have also put a smile on everyone’s faces. The comments show how people have laughed their heads off, cried, been touched, missed each other, and had so much fun.

Each country in turn has accepted the challenge, created something amazing and laid down the gauntlet for the next team. What does that say about us? We are ready to accept challenges, put our best foot forward, work as a true team and prepared to throw our entire hearts and souls into creating something innovative, energetic and fun.

You can watch the video created by the Oulu office below. I hope you enjoy it.


The iLOQ family team spirit is as strong today as it has ever been. Thank you to everyone for your commitment to the company and to each other.