Unlocking the power of software

This year, iLOQ is celebrating its 20th anniversary. That’s 20 years of hard work, innovation and passion to push mechanical locking firmly where it belongs – in the past – and bring digital locking to the forefront.

We have introduced many ground-breaking products over the years. The common denominator is that they have all been smart and secure, and, perhaps most importantly, sustainable. Our battery-free digital-key-based solutions harvest the operating energy from the motion of pushing the key into the lock. Whereas our smartphone-based solutions harvest the operating energy for unlocking from the NFC field generated by a smartphone.

We also have a family of battery-free padlocks, cam locks, key tube safes, and modules with keypads that can be used to provide access using a key, a smartphone, an RFID tag or even a PIN code. The access possibilities are, as our new slogan says, limitless. But, remember, providing a limitless range of access possibilities doesn’t mean access for all. As mentioned above, iLOQ’s solutions are ultimately secure.

Future-proof solutions

We have talked a lot about ‘products’. But as we enter our next decade of innovation, it’s important to remember that our focus is actually on software development.

By dedicating a significant amount of R&D time and resources to software development, we can continue to provide efficient, flexible and secure solutions that are tailored to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

We are taking maximum advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to enhance the capabilities and functionality of our solutions. And we focus on several sub-areas that allow us to deliver our superior products and services.

Security engineering: to ensure our customers’ assets are protected against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Interface and experience design: to ensure that our software is intuitive, user-friendly and visually appealing.

System integration: to ensure that our software can be seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure and technologies to provide customers with a comprehensive solution.

Replacing mechanical locks with software-driven access management enhances the user experience and empowers our customers to streamline their operations. And digital solutions allow individuals to easily access various spaces and resources using just one key or even their smartphone eliminating the hassle of carrying many (if any) physical keys or remembering complex combinations.

Traditional mechanical locking systems are susceptible to physical breaches, such as lock picking or unauthorized duplication of keys. In contrast, software-based access management systems employ advanced encryption algorithms, multi-factor authentication, and continuous monitoring, making them highly secure against unauthorized access attempts.

To sum up, as our customers’ needs change, our software can be easily updated and expanded to include new features, integrations and functionality to ensure we continue to meet those needs.

Author: Harri Ahola, Technology Manager, SW & Electronics R&D, iLOQ Oy