Arvidsjaur Municipality

Enjoying better security control and reduced costs


Arvidsjaur is a fairly small municipality in Northern Sweden with around 6000 inhabitants. Approximately 70,000 m2 of operating space consists of schools, preschools, a public swimming pool, an ice rink and a fire station.

As the Property Manager, Sara Persson is responsible for managing and operating all the properties in the municipality. The customer wanted to have a flexible and future-proof locking system that is not tied to one type of business in one building so that cylinders could even be reused in other premises.

The ability to manage lost keys in a more efficient way was also important.

“With a regular system, you have to replace the entire locking system if someone loses, for example, a master key. And that amounts to several hundred thousand Swedish krona,” explains Ms Persson.

With iLOQ’s digital locking solution, the municipality saves a lot of money when it can avoid replacing all cylinders when a key disappears.

And users have the security that, even if they lose their key, its use can be quickly and easily blocked.

Arvidsjaur chose iLOQ due to the competitive price, and because it is a battery-free solution which means major lifecycle savings in relation to maintenance. An additional benefit that they hadn’t considered at first was that access rights for multiple areas and for specific times can be programmed to one key.

“This is great, for example, if the janitor of a school also happens to be a football coach or a part-time firefighter. The same locking system is used in our sports field and in the local fire station. The janitors really like it. They don’t need to carry around a whole bunch of keys anymore,” states Sara Persson, Property Manager, Arvidsjaur Municipality.

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