Magis real estate

Contactless entry to the building and access to your home with just one key


The 500 studios that Magis annually develops remain secure with iLOQ’s contactless PIN reader at the main entrance.

Anyone who manages as many properties as Magis Vastgoed wants to spend as little time and effort on key management as possible. The young project developer, who you may know from the CobbenCampus in Tilburg, transforms existing buildings into 500 individual studios every year. Magis chose iLOQ to be in control of the locking plan for each complex.

“All properties are in a single software environment where you can easily find residents and keys. Everything can be managed completely by yourself,” explains Property Manager Sebastiaan Jonkers.

“And with no long delivery time on the products and no technical adjustments required in the buildings, I would even go so far as to say the implementation was easy.”

Magis has installed self-powered iLOQ cylinders on the front doors of the homes, supplemented with RFID pin readers on the central exterior doors and a Hotspot that allows you to remotely cancel access rights and reprogram new keys if a key is lost. Both doors can be opened with a single iLOQ key. In individual homes, inserting the key generates exactly enough energy for digital verification. The front door of the complex is opened by holding the key to the reader when walking in.

“An additional advantage is that by choosing RFID PIN readers at the main entrance, we can issue a temporary PIN code to easily give access to maintenance personnel.

“This ensures the complex has the highest possible levels of security without the need to replace mechanical cylinders if a key is lost and despite the many changes in residents.”

Sebastiaan Jonkers, Property Manager at project developer Magis Vastgoed.

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