Municipality of Amsterdam

Access wells and distribution stations with an NFC-enabled mobile phone


The Land and Development Department of the Municipality of Amsterdam chose iLOQ S50 to be able to access wells and distribution stations with an NFC-enabled mobile phone.

Leo Klein, from the Municipality of Amsterdam’s Land and Development Department, was already at the locksmiths to purchase a system from a competitor, when the supplier convinced him to review his plan and go for iLOQ.

“The convenience of not having batteries and cabling, but still having an electronically controlled system, convinced me to choose iLOQ,” explains Mr Klein.

Preventing vandalism was also a consideration. The City of Amsterdam’s wells and distribution stations were originally equipped with mechanical locks. It was very easy to damage or destroy the cylinders. Many keys were also in circulation, and the administrators had no idea who had access to the various buildings. The drainage stations are now safe again thanks to the installation of iLOQ’s lock cylinders and padlocks.

One other major factor that led to iLOQ is that the locks can be opened with an NFC-enabled mobile phone. With a smartphone functioning as a key, there is no need for service personnel to travel to the administration office to pick up a key, and also no need for Leo Klein and his colleague, Jorgen Wegbrands, to travel two hours every week to get that key back.

“With the iLOQ S50 mobile access sharing solution, the smartphone’s battery provides the energy to open the lock. So, like iLOQ’s other solutions, no cabling or batteries are needed. Easy programming and user friendliness were also requirements; even day-to-day tasks should be easy to handle and without problems. The price/quality ratio has also played an important role”.

When asked if Mr Klein had any advice for fellow locking system administrators, he said: “Yeah, think carefully about using the different locks, where to put which lock and what type. Get good advice from the people at iLOQ and its partners.”

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