Gemeentewerf Kerkrade

Hi-tech safety and simplicity go hand in hand


The 80 employees of the field staff are surprised how simply the hi-tech access works on their rolling gates and site doors. The system administrator did not even need a course.

During construction of the new Gemeentewerf yard in Kerkrade Municipality in Holland in mid-2018, all doors, rolling gates and gates were secured with the digital iLOQ S10 access system in one fell swoop. The implementation went surprisingly smoothly for the field service staff of the urban management department.

“My colleagues asked me how it is possible to have a digital lock without a power supply. When I explain how data is shared between the lock cylinder and the key’s microchip, and the energy for opening the lock is generated by the motion of inserting the key, you can see their eyes sparkle. They feel – Wow! I have something special in my hands,” explains Marcel Wobma, Senior service desk employee, Kerkrade Municipality.

Freedom from a power supply and reliable operation under all circumstances were clear benefits when choosing iLOQ keys and cylinders. The urban management department is also responsible for emergencies in public spaces outside office hours. A closed site as a result of an internet or power failure could have disastrous consequences. Large equipment is often used, and, during digging work, a cable can sometimes be cut, causing a potential power failure or network error. Even without digital access or electricity, iLOQ’s system continues to work safely.

The entire digital locking system was implemented in one week, from installing the cylinders, connecting to the management system and programming the 80 keys. Mr Wobma was a little sceptical at first about how easy it would be to manage the system independently afterwards:

“The software has a very logical structure, you really don’t need a course to learn how to use it. With iLOQ, hi-tech innovation is easy to use,” states Mr Wobma.

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