Stadtwerke Rheine

Innovative solution for future-oriented service provider


Stadtwerke Rheine is a service provider with municipal responsibility based in the Westphalia region of northwestern Germany. It is responsible, for example, for energy and water supply, a range of public transport services, parking facilities, leisure and indoor swimming pools as well as high-performance telecommunications and Internet services for customers in Rheine. The Company’s motto is “Nothing is so good that you could not make it better”. That was certainly the case when it came to replacing the company’s mechanical locking systems with iLOQ in January 2019.

Stadtwerke Rheine had been experiencing problems with their existing mechanical locking systems. The administration of components, such as cylinders and keys, was very complex. And, although key losses could be documented, the only 100%-secure way of preventing third-party access was by completely replacing the locking system.

The Company had several prerequisites when it came to choosing a digital locking system:

The iLOQ S10 digital locking system fulfilled and even exceeded these requirements.

With iLOQ S10, all access rights can be individually adjusted and, if necessary, deleted and reprogrammed. After a key loss, the access rights can simply be revoked, so the key no longer poses a threat. Administration of the entire locking system is presented in a clear and easy-to-use way with a functional tool for parameterization.

Stadtwerke Rhein was impressed with the speed of the replacement of the locking system. Thanks to smooth cooperation with a partner who demonstrated a very high level of competence with regard to the iLOQ S10 digital locking system, the whole project was implemented successfully within a very short time.

Currently, 700 cylinders (half, double, knob, padlocks and wall scanners) and 200 keys are in use in the administration office, in workshops, and in the electricity, gas and water supply stations. The system will continue to grow over the next few years.

“The staff are very satisfied with the system. The handling of the hardware and software has been smooth and without complaint. I would recommend iLOQ without any reservations to other companies,” Josef Bückers, Head of Plant and Plant Management, Energy and Water Supply Rheine GmbH.

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