Time savings, flexibility, convenience and sustainability


The National Theater (HNT) looks for partnerships where sustainable customization is delivered. It found a perfect match with iLOQ.

HNT is the largest traveling theater company in the Netherlands. Consisting of the Koninklijke Schouwburg, Theater aan het Spui, Zaal3 and De Studios, no two evenings are the same.

HNT attaches great importance to sustainability. In addition to green initiatives such as programmes printed on recycled paper, no bottled water sold during intervals and the use of electric taxis, HNT is bringing sustainable values into the partnerships it forms with its suppliers. A business relationship in which the partner knows the needs and values of the company makes the relationship run smoothly. Customization, sustainability and flexibility are values iLOQ shares with HNT.

After a merger, in which many employees at different locations suddenly had to be granted access rights, and in an attempt to make their historic buildings more sustainable, HNT decided to secure the theaters (and two rehearsal and accommodation premises) with iLOQ’s digital locking system.

The cost for a locking system was not included in the merger, so HNT had to create a long-term budget. A cost calculation of iLOQ’s solution compared to a mechanical system showed the benefits of the investment as a result of the reduced total cost of ownership.

I now only need a quarter of the time to manage the system and key access rights. Most digital locking systems use batteries which incur extra time and costs in relation to maintenance. iLOQ’s battery-free solution solves that issue. The locking system is very extensive, the diversity is high, and it can be customized to the wishes of the customer. In addition, it is extremely user-friendly. Programming of access rights is simple and direct, and it is easy to block the access rights of a lost key. The flexibility is great,” explains Jeroen Feelders, Head of Facilities, The National Theater, The Hague, Holland.

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