Täby Kommun

Total control over access management


Täby Kommun is a municipality based in a suburb of Stockholm in Sweden with a population of about 70,000 inhabitants. Its administrative responsibilities include schools and pre-schools, libraries, swimming pools, gyms, sports arenas, apartments, health centers, housing and the City Hall.

Täby has grown rapidly in the last few decades, and administration has struggled to keep up. Maintaining the safety and security of the region is an important objective, and Täby Kommun recognizes that coordination and a holistic approach are key to the achievement of this goal.

In 2013, Sören Åhlén, Täby’s Safety Specialist and Stefan Gyökeres, Sales Manager for iLOQ in Sweden, started working on a project with the aim of ensuring security in a cost-effective way. By October 2018, the iLOQ S10 solution was up and running with 9789 iLOQ S10 cylinders installed and 7532 iLOQ keys in active use in various locations throughout the municipality.

The patented, self-powered lock cylinder is at the core of iLOQ’s S10 system. Data between the lock cylinder and the key’s microchip is transferred with strong encryption, and the entire system is administered easily and cost-efficiently using cloud-based iLOQ S10 Manager software.

Administration of the locking system is effortless. Täby has a real-time view (inside the software) of the access rights, access codes, keys, locks and readers placed in the floor plans of its properties. Programming a new key, adjusting access rights or cancelling a lost key is quickly and easily managed.

Mr Åhlén has been extremely satisfied with iLOQ S10’s smart technology and with the support provided by Stefan Gyökeres and Project Manager, Pasi Hokkanen. Lost or unreturned keys were no longer a problem, and the easy maintenance of access rights ensured a permanently high level of security within the municipality.

“We chose iLOQ’s because they offered the best lifecycle cost calculations in the market which gave us the ability to restore security in a smooth and cost-effective way.”

Sören Åhlén, Safety Specialist, Täby Kommun

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