Leading the way in sustainable living


With a total capital of almost 10 billion euro invested in residential properties, Vesteda is one of the biggest investors in the Dutch real estate market. The company’s rental portfolio currently stands at approximately 28,000 residential units located in core urban regions in the Netherlands.

Vesteda aims to be a leader in sustainable living and is taking action to use less energy in their buildings and renovating older buildings to make them more sustainable. The company has already been awarded five stars in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark – the leading ESG benchmark for real estate and infrastructure investments across the world.

Technical Coordinator, Thomas Letschert, has worked for Vesteda for more than two decades. Over the years, he has experienced many challenges with mechanical locking systems; in particular, the security risks related to lost, stolen or unreturned keys as residents move in and out.

The iLOQ S5 digital locking solution has now been installed in one complex with 171 apartments in Groningen in the North of the Netherlands, and Mr Letschert has already started to see the benefits.

“The biggest challenge with a mechanical locking system was keeping track of the large number of keys in circulation and getting them back at the end of a rental period. Previously, if keys were missing, we had to replace the cylinders in the door locks, with all the costs that this entails. With iLOQ, replacing cylinders is no longer necessary; now it’s very easy to block these keys,” explains Mr Letschert.

357 cylinders and 527 keys have been programmed and iLOQ S5 Online, with its 38 Net Bridges and 8 key readers, has expanded the offline locking system into a remote-controlled access management solution. With just one key, residents have secure access to the main entrance, for their apartments and also for the bike storage area.

Mr Letschert is currently responsible for approximately 2000 apartments and is keen to acquire iLOQ for a newly developed building to be acquired in 2024.

“We acquire energy-efficient houses and apartments that make for pleasant and healthy homes and that add value to the surrounding area. In iLOQ, we found a partner that shares our sustainability goals. Their battery-free access management solution not only eliminates battery waste, but it also saves the environmental impact of maintenance-related travel to change them. Our residents feel secure in their homes and, with quick and easy administration and lower security risks related to lost keys, we are certainly reducing our total cost of ownership,” concludes Mr Letschert.

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