Vital services in remote locations maintained with weatherproof and battery-free locking system


The utility company SPW (Service Public Wallonië) manages the large dams and water reservoirs in Belgium. These are vital to ensure the supply of drinking water, maintain water levels, facilitate hydroelectricity production and energy reserves via pump storage, and also to help in the development of tourism.

In 2019, all reservoirs were equipped with an iLOQ digital locking system. The project involved the installation of about 300 digital cylinders spread over several locations. The online management system efficiently and securely manages multiple locations where many physical keys or smartphone keys are in circulation.

iLOQ cylinders, designed in Finland where they must endure harsh environments, function reliably in the humid and cold weather conditions in the Belgian Ardennes. And there is no problem regarding finding an energy source for the operation of digital locks in remote locations; iLOQ’s solutions harvest the energy needed for unlocking from the motion of inserting the key into the lock, or via the NFC functionality of a smartphone.

“Being battery-free, the environmental impact of battery waste is eliminated, and maintenance costs minimized. And, thanks to its modular construction, the iLOQ cylinders could be fitted to our existing lock cases making replacement of the 300 profile cylinder locks completely unnecessary,” states David Geurts, Facility Manager, SPW, Namur, Belgium.

Read more about SPW here: https://spw.wallonie.be

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