VolkerWessels Telecom Netwerk Solutions

Safer and more efficient thanks to IoT sensor data


VolkerWessels Telecom Netwerk Solutions immediately experiences the benefits of digitalization. By applying iLOQ, they can work much more efficiently.

“We already knew about iLOQ from a number of big customers where iLOQ had been installed on a large scale. So, the switch was made quickly,” explains Arjan Dokter, Network Operations Center Manager at VolkerWessels Telecom.

“Within our NOC we monitor 10,000 telecom-related assets 24/7. With our asset management platform, we have easy access to IoT sensor data, which we retrieve with hardware sensors connected to iLOQ.

VolkerWessels Telecom frequently works with various maintenance parties and subcontractors. Previously, issuing traditional mechanical keys was quite a complex process. They have now regained control over their sites by having the ability to easily send mobile keys from iLOQ’s software. This can be done remotely and on an ad hoc basis to give engineers immediate on-site access, saving time, traveling back and forth, and eliminating the risk of losing keys.

“Customers are increasingly requesting event reports from cylinders to see who entered and at what time. With the traditional system, we couldn’t offer this. Luckily, with iLOQ, we can. These event reports allow us to see exactly who has been in which room or cabinet and when. The fact that iLOQ does not use batteries is extremely sustainable and provides us with direct cost savings. The cylinders no longer require maintenance.

“We, as VolkerWessels Telecom Netwerk Solutions, immediately experience the benefits of digitization. By applying iLOQ, we save time and money because we can work much more efficiently,” concludes Mr Dokter.

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