The new normal and secure access control

If someone would have told you last year that the whole world would soon suffer a health and economic crisis as a result of a virus, we would not have believed it. People’s health is now a priority and it’s quite clear that secure access control will have a greater importance in the so-called ‘new normal’.

Recent months now have a distinct before and after feel. We have to take a step forward if we are to win the battle against the virus. We can’t go back to living like before which means stopping doing many things we used to do automatically, or, at the very least, changing our habits. We have to be responsible and act with respect for all safety measures. Preventing infection is everyone’s business. Avoiding contact is, of course, the best solution, but iLOQ has a practical solution that will help.

Safe private and public spaces

Firstly, large clusters of people are not in any way conducive to the elimination of infection. Capacity control will be more important than ever.  Buildings such as town halls, sports and cultural centers or public institutions must have secure access control to ensure the health and safety of people.

With a traditional locking system, it is impossible to see who has keys and what copies of them have been made. It is also difficult to know who has entered or left certain areas. Installing iLOQ digital locks allows you to have complete access control. You can see at a glance who has keys and to what areas they have access. You can instantly and remotely authorize changes to these access rights and follow who has entered or departed a premises at any time.

Key to success

Installation of iLOQ’s digital locking and mobile access solutions is quick and simple and learning how to use the systems is extremely easy. All our solutions are battery-free which minimizes maintenance costs and eliminates contaminating waste. Another very important benefit is that a mobile phone can be used as a key and a power source to open locks which also eliminates the need for additional wiring and contacts.

Let’s embrace the new normal and stay safe. Please don’t hesitate to contact iLOQ if you would like free advice regarding your access control needs.