Technostarters Delft Vastgoed

Futureproofing access for technical start-ups


Technostarters Delft Vastgoed B.V. (TDVG) is a real estate company in the Netherlands that manages seven properties located in and around the Delft University of Technology campus. The properties house approximately 260 start-up companies and around 1,000–1,500 employees and include offices, clean rooms, maker spaces, laboratories and communal areas.

The start-ups have strong relationships with the university and allow former students to bring the techniques they have learnt during their studies to the business world. The offices and technical facilities contain state-of-the-art equipment, and the communal areas are the ideal place for tenants to collaborate with their peers and share knowledge.

Luc Schrover is the Managing Director of TDVG. One of his main responsibilities is to guarantee that tenants have efficient access to the various properties while ensuring that the buildings themselves and the equipment within them are kept secure.

In the past, the properties were secured with a traditional mechanical locking system. This meant that tenants had to carry around many different keys to access the various facilities, security levels were low, as it was impossible to keep track of who had keys, and administration was complicated as tenants changed frequently and facilities were constantly being updated or expanded. Lost, stolen or unreturned keys caused an administrative, financial and security nightmare.

Some electro-mechnical locking systems were available, but they needed batteries to operate which would involve high levels of maintenance time and costs and would have a negative impact on the environment. Mr Schrover continued to look for a system that would fulfill his requirements for security and sustainability and he found the answer with the battery-free iLOQ S5 digital locking solution.

With iLOQ’s solution, just one digital key contains all the access rights an employee needs to move safely and efficiently around the buildings. These access rights can be quickly and easily updated as needs change using iLOQ’s cloud-based SaaS platform and immediately blocked if a key is lost or stolen. There’s no need to change or rekey any of the locks to maintain security. The locks are powered by the motion of inserting the key into the lock making batteries obsolete. This eliminates maintenance time and costs and the environmental impact of non-recyclable battery waste.

Integration is another big benefit of iLOQ’s system. As well as providing access to facilities, iLOQ’s keys can also be used to operate various machines and new prototypes being developed on the premises.

A new property has been acquired which will be opened later this year. But, thanks to iLOQ’s solution, access rights for the main entrance can already be programmed to give access to relevant parties during construction work.

“Our tenants need just one key which is convenient for them. And we know exactly who has keys and to where and when they have access, which makes administration faster, easier and more secure for us. The start-ups are in many different stages. After a while, companies move out to make room for new start-ups. This means that tenants and facilities are continually changing. With just a few clicks, we can reprogram recycled keys or update access rights of existing keys. And I never have to worry about maintenance or the environmental impact of changing batteries. iLOQ’s solution is extremely safe, smart and sustainable,” states Luc Schrover, Managing Director, TDVG B.V.