Key Expiry Interval for S50 Key fobs and Phone keys

The administrator can define an expiry interval for Key fobs and Phone keys. When the key expiry interval has elapsed, the key is invalidated. After this, the key access rights must be updated from the server. This feature ensures that no key with outdated credentials will remain on the field. This is a security feature.

As an example for Key fobs, when the administrator changes the Key fob access rights, or removes them, key expiry interval ensures that the offline Key fob cannot be used to access offline locks any longer than what the expiry interval allows. A defined key expiry interval requires that the Key fob access rights are updated from the server at regular intervals. This also applies for Phone keys, which can be used offline, for example, in the flight mode.

The expiry interval starts to elapse, as follows:

  • When the phone containing the Phone key loses the network connection.

  • As Key fobs are offline devices, the expiry interval starts to elapse after each programming. The user can reset this timer by establishing a network connection through the FobApp application or through the Programmer.

You can define a default expiry interval for Key fobs and Phone keys separately. The system default expiry interval for keys, if in use, will be suggested when creating a new key. However, you can override the default expiry settings by defining a key-specific expiration time.