Adding Copies of Selected Locks

This section describes how to add copies of selected locks to iLOQ Locking System.

You may need copies of multiple locks if, for example, you have created locks for every apartment in an apartment building, and you want to create locks for apartment-specific storage rooms. In this case, the new locks would inherit the settings from the original, apartment-specific locks.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Select Basic data > Add lock.
  2. Select Add copies of selected locks.
  3. Select the locks that you want to use as templates for the new locks.
  4. Select Next.
  5. Define the lock settings as follows:
    • Extension to be added to placementExtension to be added to placement refers to the extension that will be added to the new lock placement, to differentiate it from the placement of the template lock.
    • Extension to be added to locking targetExtension to be added to locking target refers to the extension that will be added to the locking target name for the new lock, to differentiate it from the locking target of the template lock.
    • Change lock cylinder type — Check this check box if the lock type of the new lock is different from the template lock. Two new options will be shown:
      • Lock cylinder — Select the lock cylinder type in the drop-down list, or type in the lock type manually.
      • Clock installed — Use this check box to select whether there is a clock installed on the lock or not.
  6. Select Next.
  7. A summary screen is shown.
  8. Select Ready.
  9. Select Close.
  10. The new locks appear in the lock grid view, with the extension in their name as you defined it.