Importing Persons from Excel

This section describes how to import persons from Excel to iLOQ Locking System.

You can import the same data as you would enter through the Add person wizard.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Select Basic data > Browse persons.

  2. Open the Excel sheet where the data to be imported is.
  3. Arrange the Excel columns to match the columns in the persons grid.

    You must import at least the columns below:

    • First name
    • Last name

    You cannot import the columns below:

    • Count of keys
    • Roles
    • Editable

    The other columns are optional. You cannot use empty columns on the Excel sheet to skip importing columns in the lock grid. Do not import any column headings from Excel.

  4. Select Editing mode to enable editing mode.
  5. Copy the data from the Excel sheet.
  6. Select the lowest row.

    Select the entire row by clicking the star icon on the left-hand side of the row. Do not select the first cell on the row.

  7. Paste the data.
  8. Select Editing mode again to disable editing mode.
  9. Select Yes.