Moving Data to Estates

This section describes how to move data to an estate on iLOQ Manager.


If you have created the estate structure as part of the overall system deployment procedure, you do not necessarily have to move data to estates. However, if you add estates to an existing locking system, you can move existing data to the estates.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Open the grid view that contains the data you want to move to the estate, for example, Basic data > Browse keys.
  2. Select the objects that you want to move.
  3. Right click the objects to select Change estate of the <object>.
    The Change estate wizard is opened.
  4. Select Edit estate selections.
  5. If necessary, select the objects that will be moved.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Select the estate where the objects will be moved.
  8. Select Next.
  9. A summary screen is shown.
  10. Select Ready.
  11. Select Close.