Placing Locks onto a Floor Plan

This section describes how to place locks onto a floor plan on iLOQ Manager.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Select Basic data > Browse floor plans.

  2. Select the floor plan where you want to add the lock, by clicking the floor plan name in the floor plan list at the bottom right-hand corner of the grid view.
    The selected floor plan is shown on white background color in the list. The other floor plans are shown on blue background color in the list.
  3. Select Basic data > Browse locks.

  4. Split the grid view in a way that the locks are displayed on one page and the floor plans on the other.
    1. Right-click a tab.
    2. Select either:
      • New Horizontal Tab Group — Split the grid view horizontally in two parts.
      • New Vertical Tab Group — Split the grid view vertically in two parts.
  5. Select the desired lock on the Locks page, and drag it to the desired place on the floor plan.

    The items on the floor plan are color coded as follows:

    • Red star - The lock is an offline lock.
    • Purple star - The lock is a networked lock.
    • Green star - The selected access rights and/or keys have access to these locks.
    • Blue diamond - The item is a network module.