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Three-way cooperation for maximized data center security


Core Data Centres, iLOQ and system integrator worked together to find the most secure locking system.

Core Data Centres Inc. owns and operates several state-of-the-art data centers in Canada. With the company providing solutions ranging from cloud and information technology services to managed services and colocation, maintaining high levels of security is vital.

Rack space is leased to many customers meaning there is a constant flow of people needing to access their own servers. Any breach in security by unauthorized individuals can have severe consequences for both the company managing the center and for the blue-chip clients whose critical data has been penetrated.

Customers wholly rely on the data center to provide a secure environment. However, the traditional access management systems on the market proved to be very expensive and there were challenges with the need for a power source and cabling.

When it came to creating a secure environment, Core Data Centres worked in close cooperation with and iLOQ. is an experienced system integrator and Canada’s leading provider of Critical Infrastructure Security. Acting as a consultant in helping Core Data Centres find the best outcome, recommended the iLOQ S50 mobile access sharing solution.

With iLOQ S50, a smartphone acts as both a key and a power source. The cylinders are NFC powered and can be installed on the swing handles of the racks in a matter of minutes. No batteries or cabling are needed reducing costs and environmental impact. The security risks related to physical keys have been eliminated. Access rights are sent as a mobile key and remotely shared only with the authorized people. Features like time-restricted access, instant granting and revoking of access rights and real-time audit trail reports optimize security. And the entire system can be managed with one user-friendly and secure software program.

iLOQ NFC-powered locking cylinders will provide secure and convenient access to the server racks while iLOQ S50 padlocks will be installed on the standby generators and the gas lines feeding them.

“This is a highly secure building, and our operations demand the same level of security. Handing over physical keys in person can be a major security risk. A major bonus of iLOQ S50 is that the security desk can quickly and easily send, and also cancel, mobile keys over the air. We have full control at all times and can be sure only the right people have permission to access the servers,” states Bill Henneberry, Chief Technology Officer, Core Data Centres.

“I have always been a firm believer of ‘stronger together’. The customer recognized the clear need for a higher level of security, iLOQ S50 is the best solution available in the market and designed the system that resolved the issue. Great cooperation,” explains Frank Hayes, Country Manager, iLOQ Canada.

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