The Digital Key Solution



Another step ahead in digital locking

iLOQ is capitalizing on new opportunities offered by digitalization and the internet of things to create a smart locking system that provides added value for customers. For building owners, operators and key holders, the new features and benefits offered by the next-generation iLOQ S5 bring high security and unparalleled ease of access management paired with competitive lifecycle costs and major savings.

Smarter, simpler access management

iLOQ S5 enables device-to-device communication. This advanced feature allows a vast amount of data to be remotely updated and then shared between iLOQ S5 enables device-to-device communication. This advanced feature allows a vast amount of data to be remotely updated and then shared between readers, keys and locks in a building. Data is updated every time a door is opened. Information, such as access rights, time limitations, lists of blocked keys and audit trails, is quickly shared between the devices before the door is unlocked. With all devices connected and communicating with each other, iLOQ S5 keeps access rights information continually up to date.

Streamlined operations

iLOQ S5’s standard, open application programming interface (API) allows integration with modern information-sharing and booking systems and customer personal databases. This has many helpful use cases; for example, booking of communal spaces can be updated using touchscreens in the premises or on mobile apps and shared with the iLOQ S5 key. No additional wiring to the door is needed.

State-of-the-art security

The decentralized iLOQ S5 solution ensures that the loss or breach of one element does not compromise the security of your entire locking infrastructure.

Self-powered locking

Like all iLOQ solutions, no batteries are needed. The power needed for granting access rights is generated by the motion of inserting the key into the lock. Data between the lock cylinder and the key’s microchip is transmitted with strong encryption. When access is granted, the lock cylinder’s latch is released, and the lock can be opened by turning the key. When the key is removed from the cylinder, the lock closes again.

All iLOQ S5 locking cylinders and keys are programmable. They can be reused and securely reprogrammed according to any changes in access rights, making the system easy to expand according to requirements.

Fast and secure access rights

Access rights are easily controlled using iLOQ Manager software. Administrators can view up-to-date information on the keys, locks and access rights within the system to ensure the highest level of security at all times.

Remote access management

iLOQ S5 can be expanded using iLOQ Online to offer fast and easy remote access management of your locking system. You can add remote-controlled lock cylinders, readers or time-controlled electronic doors, and handle the administration from one single system.

The all-in-one iLOQ RFID/PIN/Bluetooth and NFC reader allows frequently used doors to be opened with a variety of devices such as the iLOQ S5 digital key, an iLOQ S50 fob, an RFID tag, an NFC-enabled Bluetooth phone or with a PIN code. Key holders can be granted easy access by showing their key at pre-set times of the day or locks can be programmed to open for a specific time period. Time-restricted PIN codes can easily be assigned to external users of the building. All access events are stored in the cloud for future reference.

iLOQ Online can be used for single-door access points or as a wired multi-door solution. With the single-door access point, the connection to iLOQ’s cloud-based access-management software – iLOQ Manager – is a Plug & Play system. The connection uses 4G wireless internet technologies. With the multi-door solution, connection to iLOQ Manager uses the TCP/IP communication protocol. The devices in the locking system are conveniently connected across a physical network.

Additional locking and access control features include:

  • Easy opening of doors by just holding the key against a reader
  • Opening of doors using a PIN-code
  • Door status monitoring
  • Remote management of wired iLOQ cylinders
  • Calendar functions for electric locks

Increased flexibility and operational efficiency

Access management is an important, but not the only, aspect of modern building management. Today’s buildings comprise a complex ecosystem of various specialized functions such as burglar alarms or HVAC systems. iLOQ 5 Series offers an open application programming interface (API) that enables integration to virtually any system. This helps improve customers’ flexibility and operational efficiency by sharing data between the different information systems they use.

iLOQ 5 Series

The complete access-sharing solution

The iLOQ S5 digital locking system is part of the modifiable and flexible iLOQ 5 Series.

Modifiable – what’s your scale?
  • Do you have a single building?
  • Are you taking care of dozens of premises?
  • Are your properties spread over a vast area with thousands of locked objects?
Flexible – what’s your approach?
  • Do you need a key-based solution?
  • Do you need a mobile access management solution?
  • Do you need a ‘hybrid’ solution?

The iLOQ 5 Series merges two paths in our sustainable product portfolio into one. You can use the iLOQ S5 digital-key-based solution, the iLOQ S50 mobile solution or a combination of the two. And it is completely scalable according to the size and layout of your premises today and into the future. With all access rights quickly and easily controlled from the same iLOQ Manager software, it really is the most complete and simplest system in the market.

From one company, there is a solution that fulfills all access management needs in all markets throughout Europe and Asia. Whether you are an existing or a new customer, you’ll quickly find out how iLOQ’s digital, mobile and hybrid solutions maximize security, minimize administration and costs, reduce resource usage and impact on the environment, and boost the value of your properties.