Renovation nightmare? With iLOQ it’s business as usual

As a Property Manager, it’s your priority to ensure that your building provides the best living or working space. From time-to-time, it’s necessary to undertake renovation work to improve the environment for residents or employees and to maintain the value of the property. They can be small projects, such as painting interior walls, or large ones such as replacing the facade or updating the plumbing system.

Ensuring security while the work is being done can be a nightmare, particularly if your property still uses a mechanical locking system. We asked several property managers what kind of challenges they face and here are some of their concerns:

These are all very relevant and important questions. But solutions can be found very quickly by installing an iLOQ digital locking system.

What does the iLOQ digital locking system include?

Benefits during renovations

Benefits after renovations for users

When it comes to renovations, iLOQ is the key to safety, security and efficiency.

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