Order of the Sisters of Divine Providence

An ideal locking solution for younger and older residents


Both younger and older residents in the provincial house find key usage is simple and key management fast and clear with iLOQ’s digital locking solution.

The Order of the Sisters of Divine Providence is a Catholic religious institute of women that was founded in the mid-19th century.

60 sisters from the German Province have recently moved from the Provincial House Friedrichsburg into the newly constructed, modern Provincial House in Münster, Western Germany. The property features the main building, which, as well as being home to the sisters, is also a meeting place for the province and the international religious community. The sisters also commissioned two adjacent houses featuring rental accommodation designed for the young and old, families and people from a migrant background.

The provincial house includes the sisters’ areas, the chapel, an administrative area, the foyer and common rooms. Its operation requires access management for a wide variety of access points. Combining the main property with rented apartments makes the management of access rights even more complex.

With the number of predominantly older sisters accessing the facility, it was important to find a locking system where key usage was as simple as possible and key management was fast and clear. It was also vital to find a low-maintenance solution.

With a conventional locking system, if a key was lost (for example, the key to the main entrance of the house), the entire locking system would have to be changed. The sisters learned that some battery-powered electronic systems were much more maintenance-intensive. After careful research, they chose iLOQ’s battery-free digital locking solution. 330 digital cylinders, 430 digital keys and 15 readers have been installed to the properties.

The sisters are enjoying the fact that access rights to the various doors can be programmed to just one key. If a key is lost, its access rights can be quickly and easily blocked, and a new key programmed which keeps costs low. As the system works without batteries, it is extremely low maintenance. And the cloud-based software solution simplifies administration.

“The system is very suitable for both younger and older residents. It is exactly right for us. The software is understandable and easy to use, and the support we have received from the manufacturer is very good,” explains Sister Vinzenza Hültenschmidt from the Order of the Sisters of Divine Providence.

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