Historical Dreesmann villa brings access management up to date


TotalConnect has equipped its headquarters in the historical Dreesmann villa in Zeist, Holland, with the latest iLOQ S5 access management system.

TotalConnect, which operates in the Telecom & IT and Energy & Environment Management fields, believes in cooperating with the best performing suppliers and partners in the market. The company considers iLOQ, an advocate of customization, to be one of those best performing partners.

“We are pleased with iLOQ’s well-performing access management system. Access rights can be programmed remotely and the key harvests the power for unlocking by the motion of inserting it into the lock. As consultants in Energy & Environment Management, we love sustainability and naturally find this a wonderful innovation,” explains Bas Vreman, Consultant-Partner, TotalConnect.

The building was originally a country residence of the Dreesmann family. It was commissioned by the director of the V&D department store in 1923. The country house is a municipal monument that has now been equipped with the latest hi-tech solutions for modern office use.

The iLOQ 5 series is a flexible platform that allows the user to choose what kind of ‘key’ they want to use: a digital key, mobile phone or PIN. Smart (device-to-device) communication between the management software, readers, keys and cylinders makes it possible to remotely update and share data between all devices. Lost or stolen keys can be easily removed from the system. Remote system service and remote monitoring are also possible.

“The iLOQ S5 provides the highest level of security and carefree data management via the cloud. In this way, security is optimal and costs and administration are minimal,” concludes Bas Vreman.

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