Improving security and accessibility in rental properties


Having control over keys for rented properties is a priority. When you have two residences, it can sometimes be difficult. Imagine the problems when you are renting out 200 apartments in six different buildings. This is the case with the family business – Oronis.

Oronis are specialists in investing in, developing and managing real estate assets. They have many buildings and common areas at their disposal. Long-term rental apartments are part of their portfolio. With hundreds of tenants, this means an infinite number of keys to access the properties and duplicates are in constant circulation.

To enhance security and increase productivity, Oronis decided to take a step forward and install iLOQ’s digital locking system in all their properties.

Oronis focuses on improving security and accessibility

With so many keys and duplicates in existence, it was a major headache every time there was a change in tenant or if a key was lost. To guarantee access security for future residents and existing neighbors, cylinders, keys and all their copies had to be changed. With iLOQ’s digital locking system, it is impossible to make copies of the keys, and administrators have complete control over who has access to the rented properties. Oronis customers can feel confident that no previous customer can gain access to their apartment.

Oronis collaborates with commercial agents to rent out the apartments. With the old system, separate keys would need to have been provided for the agents, the cleaning service, the electrician and all other parties. An Oronis employee would have needed to travel many times between the administration office and the properties to collect and hand over keys. With iLOQ, access can be granted remotely eliminating extra trips to the building in question.

Another benefit is that, with iLOQ, there is no need for batteries or an electrical connection as the simple movement of inserting the key generates the necessary energy to open the lock.

The Company’s management is very happy with the new iLOQ system. We spoke to Oronis’ Maintenance Director, Elena Ortiz. She affirmed that they have substantially reduced the number of keys in circulation and increased the productivity of the commercial and maintenance departments: “The experience of installing the iLOQ access control system has been very positive and there have been nothing but advantages for both the end customer and the supplier. It is the ideal solution to reduce costs and increase efficiency”.

You can read more about Oronis here and learn more about iLOQ’s digital locking solutions for residential properties here.

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