Benefits of the digital locks of the future

How many times do you hear about security… feeling safe, living securely, protecting what’s yours? We are used to enjoying a high level of security and seeking the greatest possible peace of mind. If someone asks you where you would prefer to live – in a safe country or in a dangerous country with high rates of crime – the answer is obvious. If something is unsafe, we remove it from our lives. It’s only logical. One way to remove this insecurity is by discovering the benefits of the digital locks of the future.

In the past, our grandparents lived quietly, went in and out of their homes without even closing the door and knew who their neighbors were. There are probably some small towns lost in the middle of nowhere where there is still no need to install devices to ensure security at all access points. But today, and especially in big cities, this is just not possible.

Maslow’s pyramid, or the so-called hierarchy of human needs, indicates that security is our second priority. Above that are basic physiological needs such as breathing, eating and resting. This shows that we are innately motivated to ensure that our environment, our family and our goods are protected.

Where have we come from and where are we going?

From this fundamental need, the first security methods, such as locks, emerged. It is believed the first ones appeared in China as long as 4,000 years ago. The evolution has been evident, with many advances and innovations.

New models and materials have become available, and more complex and sophisticated products have appeared in the market. However, the common denominator, despite the undoubted evolution, has been that they are still driven by a mechanical factor. In recent years, we have seen an increase in locking systems that combine a mechanical action with a digital one which has opened up a world of added functionalities.

Discover the digital locks of the future with iLOQ

These kinds of combined locking systems have brought great benefits. However, they have also created major problems. Traditionally, the digital functionality has been powered by batteries or excess cabling. This has caused installation complexity, added maintenance requirements and increased lifecycle costs while draining vital resources and generating hazardous waste. Well aware of these disadvantages, iLOQ took an unquestionably big step from the evolution to the revolution of the digital locks of the future.

iLOQ’s battery- and cable-free digital locking systems and mobile access solutions prioritize security while optimizing simplicity. Fast and easy installation, minimized maintenance, no batteries or wires: simply put, the greenest and most efficient locking systems in the market. iLOQ, born from a desire to disrupt the norm and to innovate, is synonymous with the development of digital locks, not only of the future, but also for the present. Read more about the benefits of iLOQ’s locking systems here and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information.

Author: Joaquim Serrahima, Country Manager, iLOQ Spain