Oval cylinder C5S.10.BB.SE

Oval cylinder for indoor use

The unique iLOQ cylinder is self-powered by harvesting electricity from key insertion. Lock acts as a part of D2D network which allows easy updates to blocked keys list.

Surface treatments: brushed steel, brushed brass, polished brass.

Benefits & features

  • Battery-free digital lock cylinder for iLOQ S5 locking system
  • Lock does not need batteries or cables
  • Powerful and secure AES256 encryption for common lock and key authentication
  • As part of the D2D network, it acts as an information receiver and data sharer
  • Initial programming via PC using the iLOQ P55S.1 programming key connected to the server
  • Lock can be set with access areas for lock groups or individual locks
  • Programmable lock opens with a compatible K5S key
  • Blocked list for single lost keys
  • Log memory for openings and opening attempts (timestamps with RTC)
  • Supports time constraints in the form of time profiles (with RTC)
  • Updatable firmware