iLOQ introduces first-ever NFC-enabled mobile access management solution to utilities industry

iLOQ is a leading digital access management company with over 15 years of experience in the security industry. In 2007 iLOQ introduced the world’s first self-powered digital lock cylinder, and now iLOQ is ready to unleash the next generation in revolutionary locking technology to the utilities industry.

The iLOQ S50 – with keyless, NFC-enabled mobile access technology and secure cloud-based access sharing – is the first and only lock cylinder on the planet to harvest energy for unlocking from a smartphone. The iLOQ S50 takes keys, batteries and excess wiring out of the equation allowing for significant product lifecycle savings. This innovative technology is designed to solve difficult issues facing the utilities industry and simplify daily operations. The iLOQ S50 is an ideal solution for consolidating multiple (and remote) location management, saving businesses time and resources.

“We are ready to take the next big step and change the utilities industry. The iLOQ S50 will support and deliver great customer experience and value, while driving down total cost of ownership. We have created a solution with advanced keyless technology that will help us expand to new territories and market segments, offering more benefits to current and future customers,” Heikki Hiltunen, the President and CEO of iLOQ said.

Consolidation and innovation were the driving factors behind the design of the iLOQ S50, and the product is ready to take on the markets.

Joni Lampinen, Chief Marketing Officer for iLOQ stated, “The sales and marketing operations for the iLOQ S50 are beginning now. The iLOQ S50 is a strong product with a strong culture – we are delighted to see our current brand expand to the utilities industry and bring substantial efficiency to customers that haven’t seen these products before. We hope to add incredible value to our customers and make their lives and daily management easier.”

For more information:
Heikki Hiltunen, CEO and President
+358 (0)40 3170 260, urvxxv.uvyghara@vybd.pbz

Joni Lampinen, Chief Marketing Officer
+358 (0)40 3170 262, wbav.ynzcvara@vybd.pbz


iLOQ in brief

iLOQ is a rapidly growing Finnish company that is leading the technological revolution in the digital locking industry.

iLOQ transforms mechanical locking into digital and mobile access management. iLOQ solutions are based on technologies developed and patented by the company, enabling electronic and mobile locking without batteries or cables. iLOQ replaces mechanical and electromechanical locking systems with an environmentally friendly solution that solves the problem of lost or copied keys, lock maintenance and lifecycle costs.