iLOQ introduces a low-cost system that integrates locking and access control functions

iLOQ, the market leader in electromechanical locks in Finland, expands into a new business area—access control systems. With the iLOQ Online extension, which seamlessly combines locking and access control functions, iLOQ meets the access control needs of ordinary buildings easily, simply and at a low cost. The iLOQ Online extension will be introduced at the FinnSec 2015 fair at Messukeskus in Helsinki on 18–20 November 2015.

Access to buildings may be controlled in different ways depending on the use of the building. The most traditional method is a plain old mechanical locking system. Another option, which is gaining popularity, is a digital locking system, such as iLOQ S10. A third option, known from offices in particular, is a remotely managed electronic access control system. Typically it uses an RFID key—a plastic card in most cases. The iLOQ Online solution expands the range of access control products offered by iLOQ.

A fourth and the heaviest option is to use a real-time control system which integrates access control, CCTV and security alarm devices. These heavy-duty integrated systems are optimal for properties requiring continuous security control, such as airports and the like. iLOQ’s access management solution is aimed at ordinary company premises, residential homes, industrial buildings, hospitals and administrative buildings where the emphasis is on access rights and not on real-time property surveillance.

What are the advantages of iLOQ S10 Online?

  1. Easy access: Doors with a lot of traffic can be configured to open by placing the key in a remote reader or by entering a PIN at predetermined times of day. Electric lock cylinders can be programmed separately for each door: a door may be remotely controlled to remain unlocked in daytime, for instance.
  2. Access event logs: Opening a door through either the lock cylinder or reader always leaves a digital trace. This data can be easily examined later, if necessary.
  3. Quick and easy changes: Naturally, the iLOQ S10 Online access management system includes all the strengths of the iLOQ system. Losing a key is no problem, as the lost key can be digitally blacklisted. Access rights of a key can be easily modified. Each user only needs one key. When re-assigning rooms and premises, there is no need to replace the locks or keys, as these can be immediately reprogrammed. Maintaining the locking system is easy because the system software provides real-time data concerning access rights, pass codes, keys, locks and now also readers, all visible on building layout plans.

Further information from:

Mika Pukari, CEO iLOQ Ltd., zvxn.chxnev@vYBD.pbz, tel. +358 40 3170 211

iLOQ Ltd. is a fast-growing Finnish company that transforms mechanical locking into digital access management. iLOQ has developed the world’s only digital locking system that harvests electrical energy from key insertion. iLOQ S10 is an eco-friendly, battery-free locking system that eliminates problems with lost keys and key copying, simplifies locking system management and offers much lower lifecycle costs. Remote access control functionality now available with the new iLOQ Online extension. iLOQ sets new standards in the locking security.