iLOQ locking during possible power outages

There has been a lot of media coverage recently about how to prepare for possible power cuts.

In the event of a power cut, iLOQ customers do not need to worry. iLOQ’s digital locking system is powered by the movement of the key when it is inserted into the lock cylinder. No separate power source is needed for the key or the lock cylinder. iLOQ’s cylinders operate normally during a power failure to ensure smooth and efficient movement around the site.

Many apartment buildings have an iLOQ Online reader and door module on the main entrance doors that require a source of electricity. The electrically operated lock functions with the use of a PIN code or by showing the key to the reader. Very often with a digital locking system, access to the main entrance door during a power failure is secured by a battery backup. However, in all cases, there is an iLOQ cylinder at the same location. The door can be opened using the key in the normal way despite a power cut.

Digital locking is safe to use even in the event of a power cut, and residents’ access to their homes is secured even in exceptional circumstances.