Kimi Räikkönen’s NASCAR is in the house at ISC West

There is a common stereotype that Finnish people are introverted, quiet, and not too sociable. Perhaps it stems from the fact that, with an average population density of 19 inhabitants per square kilometre (49/sq mi), Finland is the third most sparsely populated country in Europe. In Arctic Lapland, that figure drops to only two inhabitants per square kilometre (5.2/sq mi). We also have a habit of escaping to the countryside to stay in our summer cottages where we consider peace and silence to be relaxing.

Of course, as with all stereotypes, this does not apply to everyone. And it certainly doesn’t apply to iLOQ – a company with its routes in Finland. We are on a global mission to make life limitless with our range of energy-harvesting access management solutions and we are happy to shout from the rooftops about the benefits we can bring to property owners and managers and to the end users themselves.

When you walk into a crowded exhibition hall, it’s easy to spot iLOQ’s booth. The branding is strong from the booth elements themselves, to the clothes worn by the staff who man it. This week, we are exhibiting for the first time in the United States of America – at ISC West, the leading security industry trade show held in Las Vegas. The exhibition is set to give a big boost to iLOQ after entering the North American market last year. And, once again, it will be very easy to spot our booth.

Since 2019, iLOQ’s Brand Ambassador has been Formula 1 superstar Kimi Räikkönen and he has been instrumental in boosting the visibility of our brand worldwide. After retiring from the F1 circus, Kimi has competed in two NASCAR races – the most recent being last weekend in COTA, Texas. We are excited to be bringing his iLOQ-branded Trackhouse Racing Project91 NASCAR to our 1200 SqFt booth.

We are confident that his legendary car will create a lot of buzz and will encourage many visitors to stop by our booth. And this will give us the perfect opportunity to spread the word about our battery-free access management solutions to a whole new audience. Follow our social media channels (you’ll find them on our website) for more news and pictures from ISC West.

Picture source: Tero Repo Photography