Rautalampi municipality

A mobile access management solution that saves time, money and resources


Rautalampi is a municipality in the middle of Finland whose population is over 3,000 residents. With about one third of the area comprising waterways, the municipality is focused on maintaining the high quality of clean water and dealing efficiently with its wastewater.

Like most utilities, the municipality’s water treatment plant has a large number of keys in circulation and numerous sites to manage. In January 2018, the municipality made the decision to start using iLOQ S50 padlocks for the covers of their clean and wastewater pumping stations.

The iLOQ S50 product portfolio has been designed to cover all the needs of the modern utilities industry. It covers many types of lock cylinders and padlocks and they are all manageable under one easy-to-use software program. No batteries are required – the padlocks are unlocked using a smartphone and the iLOQ S50 mobile app.

By removing the inconvenience and security risks related to physical keys, iLOQ offers Rautalampi municipality a mobile access management solution that saves them time, money and resources.

To date, 50 padlocks have been installed, and about 10 people are registered users of the system.

“As you can see by the pictures, 2018 was a harsh winter. We have been extremely happy with the reliable operation of the locks. And the access rights are quick and convenient to update.”

Markku Karhu, Property Manager, Rautalampi Municipality

Read more about iLOQ S50 here and watch the video here.

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