Sustainability is in our DNA

At iLOQ, we focus on innovating digital locking and NFC-enabled mobile access management solutions that enable electronic locking without batteries or cables. By creating an ambitious environmental program, we are able to prioritize our sustainability actions with the ultimate goal of achieving a carbon-neutral future.

Tracking our emissions in real-time is just one way of successfully demonstrating that we are at the forefront of emissions management.

The starting point

From the start, it has been obvious that we needed to take a holistic approach to sustainability. We have taken into account all environmental, social, and governance factors in our daily operations, across our entire supply chain, and throughout the lifecycle of our solutions.

For this kind of approach to be successful, we needed access to detailed data in real-time and in a transparent manner. Making emission calculations manually at the end of the financial year would be a laborious and expensive task. We needed to get a full and regular picture of our overall climate impact.

At this point, we partnered with Snowfox.AI and Carbonfox.

Implementation process

The implementation process started quickly and smoothly. We immediately provided the data which allowed both iLOQ and Snowfox.AI to understand the big picture. 

Since the Carbonfox implementation, we have worked closely together to enrich the data, develop analytics to match both internal and external reporting, add more data sources to improve the coverage along the value chain, validate the methodology with an external third-party, and involve people from various functions (such as the executive committee, R&D, finance, sales, corporate responsibility, and procurement).


Using purchase-invoice data and artificial intelligence, we now manage our GHG scope 1-2-3 data. Our latest sustainability report utilizes calculations and data from Carbonfox. The information allows us to take a proactive role in the reduction of carbon emissions in our value chain from start to finish.

This is an entirely new approach and has been a strategic investment for iLOQ. With the service, our reporting and planning activities will improve, giving us a significant competitive advantage.

“Using artificial intelligence, we are able to obtain a comprehensive and continuously updated view of our supply chain carbon footprint and use this data to manage the reduction of our value chain carbon emissions.”

Erja Sankari, Chief Operating Officer, iLOQ