We view increased digitalization as the only responsible move 

Can digital service providers innovate new tools and platforms to make the world a more open and social place, or will digitalization continue to grow as a phenomenon that concentrates on building walls and providing safety and security. We see digitalization doing both. 

Security is more than just a feeling 
In a world where uncertainty is rapidly becoming the new normal, the feeling of personal safety and control is becoming increasingly valuable. Improving the safety and security of modern society is one of the core objectives of iLOQ’s sustainability pledge. Our 360° of Sustainability initiative looks at and addresses issues of ESG on a broader, more holistic, level. We believe that by continuing to develop new and innovative digital technologies, we can continue to have a positive impact on the society of the future. This is exactly why data security is so important to us. 

Digitalization plays a key role in improving security. iLOQ digital access management solutions, for example, eliminate all of the security risks related to lost, stolen or copied physical keys. Also, our cloud-based digital solution and all communications between locks, keys and the management software are heavily encrypted end-to-end. So, not only are the physical locks there to provide you with a feeling of safety inside your premises, whether it be your home, office or somewhere else, but the digital service we provide takes security even further. 

Access means freedom 
As our customer promise suggests, we are in the business of making life accessible. We want to open doors and remove barriers that make everyday life more complicated. In the long run, with the launch of new concepts such as iLOQ HOME, we already envision a world without physical keys altogether. Our solutions are also geared towards providing a whole range of new freedoms to tenants and key holders. As a SaaS platform provider, rather than a lock and key manufacturer, we are able to offer connectivity and integration with many other systems designed to aid everyday life in the urban buildings and spaces we inhabit. 

The freedom of individual choice and equal access to services is an integral part of the technology we are rolling out to market. We are helping shift more and more of the freedom, and the responsibility involved with managing a complex locking system, to the people using it. We are simultaneously improving the user experience and the quality of life of both the people using the locking system, and those managing it. And, by offering a solution that provides competitive lifecycle costs and a fast ROI, we are making sure our technology is not out of reach for anyone. 

Changing urban societies 
We see digitalization changing the way we as humans live our lives. In modern cities and urban/suburban environments this is particularly true already. We see a wealth of new technology being introduced every year. That is why we see an open mind and open policy of cooperation, integration, and inclusion as being especially important. For new technologies to truly improve the user experience on a holistic level, we need to bring down the borders between services, platforms, and products to offer a truly intuitive experience that improves quality of life rather than complicates things.  

Today, iLOQ’s access management solutions are already able to interface with systems related to reservations inside residential buildings, such as laundry rooms, mail rooms and sauna/gym areas. Our solution can also be integrated with people flow solutions within commercial buildings to improve the experience and make sure an elevator is waiting for you by the time you make it from the front door to the lobby. There is a lot our solutions can already do, but we are sure they have the potential to do even more. That is why we are committed to continuous development and fearless industry leadership. 

Making sure we have a future 
Innovation is the key to making sure we at iLOQ have a future as a company. Innovation is also the only way we can ensure that people and our planet still have a future. 360° of Sustainability means that we have set clear environmental targets for ourselves and our entire business ecosystem. We have even developed our own digital tools to monitor environmental performance across our entire production chain. We take environmental issues seriously and encourage and expect our partners to do so as well. 

Energy efficiency and minimized energy consumption has gone from important to critical during the past year. iLOQ’s self-powered and energy-harvesting solutions address these current concerns perfectly. Long before it was the hot topic it is today, we have been dedicated to developing digital access management solutions that do not rely on single-use batteries, hard wiring or daily charging. Our digital locks and keys have been battery free from the very beginning – and they will continue to be that way in the future as well.  

Digital is the only way forward
Our world view dictates that increased digitalization is the only responsible way forward. Digitalization, like all things, is not without its problems. But the nature of digitalization is based on innovation, and that gives us the permission to look forward to new and better digital solutions, products, and services all the time. And when we say better, we mean more sustainable, more responsible, more safe, more secure, more intuitive, and more enjoyable. It is ok to expect more from us. We are committed to deliver!