Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Campus Hospital

Battery-free efficiency in Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Campus Hospital


With many doors, numerous users, and a wide range of temporary or subcontracted personnel, how is it possible to offer efficient access rights in a hospital without hindering day-to-day operations or compromising security?

In the Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Campus Hospital, mechanical locks were unable to solve these issues: many keys were in circulation, and it was impossible to guarantee that they were not being copied. Digital locks, on the other hand, do not require custody of keys, copies cannot be made and, if a key is lost, it is eliminated from the system without the need to go to the expense of changing any of the locks. However, there is another problem that must be considered. Basic digital locking systems require a battery or external power source. Batteries generate polluting waste and are expensive to maintain as they must be periodically replaced. The high investment cost of hard-wiring doors is so high that it prevents it from being deployed throughout the installation.

Vall d’Hebron hospital is committed to a technology that solves both these problems: iLOQ S10. ILOQ’s smart locks bring together the best of both worlds. They have all the advantages of a digital locking system, but with the added value that they do not require an external power source from batteries or wiring. iLOQ S10 is currently efficiently operating in the Vall d’Hebron hospital’s management and sub-management plant.