Padlock H10S4.1.50.HC

Padlock for outdoor use

Control and monitor access to secure storage such as medicine cabinets, lockers, barriers and mailboxes.

Shackle size 11/28 mm or 11/50 mm. Available also with chain.

Benefits & features

  • Programmable electromechanic padlock for iLOQ S10 locking system
  • Self-powered: no batteries or external energy source required for the lock and key
  • All iLOQ S10 padlocks and iLOQ S10 keys are mechanically identical
  • Secured using powerful encryption methods; unique 64bit challenge and SHA-1 computed 160bit MAC pair for key authentication
  • Programmed using a PC and the iLOQ P10S.10 Programming device
  • Blocklist for individual lost keys
  • Access group list for key accesses
  • Pre-blocklisting of lost key using a replacing key
  • Firmware updateable