NFC/PIN Door Reader N504I

NFC/PIN Door Reader

The iLOQ N504i NFC/PIN Door Reader is connected to the reader bus of the iLOQ N502 Online- or N503 Offline Door Module, or to the chain bus of the iLOQ N507 Online I/O Module to control electronic devices. The N504i can also be connected directly to the main bus of the iLOQ N500 Net Bridge to work as a HotSpot for updating keys.
iLOQ NFC Readers use NFC technology to read and write data to iLOQ S5 and iLOQ S50 keys, but also Mifare RFID tags can be read. The N504i is equipped with a keypad with touch buttons that can be used to enhance the security by demanding a Key + PIN-code combination or, for low security features like opening the door, with just an access code.