Ordering Keys

This section describes how to order keys on iLOQ Manager.

You can distribute system administration by allowing one user to order, that is, approve, programming changes to keys. Another user, for example, with limited usage rights, can carry out ordered programming tasks, but cannot modify the content of these programming tasks.

If you do not use distribute system administration, you can carry out the ordered programming tasks yourself. In any case, ordering is a mandatory phase in the system. However, you can order and program a key at once by selecting Order and program at the end of the ordering wizard.

When you order a key, the programming task is created and sent to the iLOQ Locking System server, where it waits to be transferred to the key through the Programmer or, remotely, through a Key Programming Hot Spot.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Select Basic data > Browse keys.

  2. Select Order keys.
    The Ordering of keys wizard is opened.
  3. Select Order keys.
  4. Select the key that you want to order.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Select Order key.
  7. A summary screen is shown.
  8. Select Ready.
  9. The programming task is sent to the iLOQ Locking System server.
  10. Select Close.
  11. The key appears in the key list in the Ordered state.