Kimi Räikkönen -— klucz do odblokowania globalnego sukcesu iLOQ

In February 2019, iLOQ pulled off a major coup. We signed a partnership contract with Formula 1 superstar Kimi Räikkönen. For the next almost three years, Kimi would be the face and voice of iLOQ as our Brand Ambassador.

Since his Formula One debut in 2001, Kimi has built a massive fan base. He is known, and loved, globally for his no-nonsense, get-the-job-done attitude. With Kimi’s help, we took the benefits of our digital services and software solutions from a solid Nordic customer base to the rest of the world.

Initially, the iLOQ logo was seen on the sleeve of Kimi’s racing suit and on his cap. As the partnership extended into a 2nd and 3rd racing season, we also saw the logo in ‘pole position’ on his helmet. This has raised awareness of the iLOQ brand on television and in social media channels on a global scale. In 2020, a major media outlet estimated that, in order to get the same impact and global exposure for the iLOQ brand, it would have cost us almost €30 million. In his recent career-ending grand prix, the design for Kimi’s helmet was the same as the first one he used 20 years ago, with one exception – it also featured the iLOQ logo.

Cooperation with Kimi has provided great networking possibilities within the Formula 1 environment, and it has also facilitated discussions that have helped us to secure a great deal of new business. It has also enabled us to offer memorable experiences and events for our customers, partners and stakeholders which money just cannot buy.

During 2020 and 2021, we increased our digital presence with Kimi. We doubled the amount of social media activity and organized virtual exhibitions and customer events. We also made some great videos with him which were used at these events, on our social media channels and for some fun competitions. You can watch them here. Our full-sized cardboard cut-outs of Kimi have also been popping up around the world. For example, ‘he’ has been a regular in the Formule Cafe studio on Dutch TV. It has been an honor to work with Kimi. He has been extremely flexible and has fulfilled the role of brand ambassador in the best way possible. We wish him a happy retirement from F1, relaxing times with his family and success in his future endeavours. Hopefully, we haven’t heard the last from the Iceman.

Here’s a round-up video of some of the highlights of our cooperation with Kimi. Enjoy!