De Melkweg

Cost savings and user-friendliness have dramatically improved access management


For De Melkweg, a popular music venue and cultural center in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the cost savings and user-friendliness of iLOQ’s Online readers have dramatically improved access management during major concerts and events.

De Melkweg was looking for a product to replace the assortment of existing locking systems in their buildings. They happened to see a promotional video made by iLOQ.

“The video made a big impression on us. After inquiring with other iLOQ customers, including the Stadsschouwburg, this seemed like the right system for us. Sometimes you immediately run into the right product and you can avoid a time-consuming search where you must distinguish between the trees and the forest,” explains Theo de Laat, Building Manager from De Melkweg.

“In the past, we have spent a lot of money ordering keys and cylinders. With iLOQ, we have achieved significant cost savings in the area of keys. Access rights to many different areas can be programmed to just one key. People are always in a hurry at music venues; we have therefore been very happy with the quick and easy access provided by iLOQ’s Online readers,” states Mark Heemsbergen, another member of De Melkweg’s building management team.

To date, De Melkweg has installed 300 iLOQ digital locking cylinders and 21 Online readers.

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