Agile locking for an agile growth company


Coloro is a Finnish growth company in the graphics industry. The Company’s services include large format printing, creating printed materials, taping, renovations and installations.

The office, based in Vantaa, Finland, is spacious and includes the biggest large-format printing unit in Finland. Employees, and also a wide range of sub-tenants, need to have fast and convenient access the facilities.

In 2018, Coloro chose to install the iLOQ S10 digital locking system in their building. Among iLOQ S10’s many benefits, Coloro was particularly impressed with the Cloud service which makes it possible to independently program locks and keys as desired.

To date, 36 iLOQ S10 lock cylinders and 50 keys are in use. The fact that the system can be extended at any point in the future with the possibility to introduce, for example, work time monitoring and RFID readers, was another key benefit of iLOQ’s digital locking system.

“The software is very clear and easy to use and the ability to quickly and simply program locks and update access rights for keys has been a positive surprise,” states Tiia Lehtonen, Finance department, Coloro Oy.

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