Sant Antoni de Vilamajor

Optimizing access management in municipal buildings


The City Council of Sant Antoni de Vilamajor, in the province of Barcelona, has recently installed iLOQ digital locks in nearly all its municipal buildings.

With hundreds of different locks and keys in the town hall and municipal buildings, uncontrolled access, complex movement around the premises and a lack of security have always been problems. In order to centralize access management and improve security and comfort, the council chose the battery-free iLOQ S5 and Online solution.

Why is iLOQ the best replacement for traditional mechanical locks?

iLOQ’s digital locking solution optimizes access management, but it is also easy to install and needs no wiring or batteries. Quim Vergés, councilor for Urban Planning and Services for the Sant Antoni de Vilamajor City Council, explains more:

“We wanted to increase security and have a single key to move around all municipal buildings. Digital locks have already been installed in the town hall, in the ‘escoles velles’ (a building where activities are held), in the sports center, at the football field and in the local public school.

“With iLOQ, we have managed to bring order to a lack of key management. In addition, we know exactly who has come in and gone out. We can even give access rights by the hour. For example, if we have a space for a cultural display, we can authorize entry to it only during the hours needed,” Mr. Vergés concludes.

Installing iLOQ has relieved some of the pressure on the police service who, in the past, often needed to deal with the openings of the premises. It has also freed up staff who previously had to be on site for opening and closing of the premises. The council also has much more information. In case of an incident, it is possible to trace who has entered at all times. 

Collaboration with the partner PROCAM, an organization that offers and provides solutions in the field of security, was smooth. PROCAM’s motto is: “We say what we do, and we do what we say”.

iLOQ has brought to the municipality security, comfort, cost savings, flexibility and the capacity to grow more. All this, and using the same key,” concludes Mr. Vergés.

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