Enjoying greater access control in industrial buildings


Airbox’s management committee made a clear commitment to R&D and technological development. For this reason, they installed iLOQ’s digital locking system in their industrial building.

Access control within industrial buildings is an important task for many companies. The power of information is vital for entrepreneurs. The iLOQ digital locking system provides access control and also grants access rights. It can be adapted to the needs of the customer depending on the company and its facilities.

The Airbox industrial warehouse is committed to access control

Airbox is an example of a company that has chosen to provide greater access control for its industrial warehouse located in Castellbisbal (Barcelona). iLOQ’s devices allow precise control of entrances and exits of the personnel. This means that, at all times, the property administrators know who has entered, through which door and at what time.

Airbox is a service company with over 35 years’ dedicated experience in projects related to air and gases to provide safety in every inhalation. Airbox’s management committee has made a clear commitment to R&D and technological development. For this reason, they installed a digital locking system in the industrial building. The Director of Airbox, Marc Martinez says that “the commitment to technological progress is the key to success”. And, he adds, “a job well done and innovation inspire us”.

Forget forever about changing locks

The electronic lock system allows the access doors to the industrial building to be opened and closed. In addition, it centralizes everything into a single key. By doing this, the business made an investment with the aim of amortizing it and reducing costs related to lock changes and duplicate keys. The company can now forget about changing the lock every time an employee loses a key or when staff members change.

The improved access control ensures increased security and control. Managing access rights has become a very simple task to do. The management of any company will have the power to grant or deny access to different areas and at different times. All the management is centralized in a single software: iLOQ Manager. Airbox can view information, in real time, on the keys, locks and access rights of the whole installation.

A clear commitment to innovation

More and more companies are betting on innovation as an investment to achieving medium- and long-term benefits. Take a step forward and with iLOQ control the access to your properties.

Read more about Airbox here.

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