Kiinteistö Oy Jyrkkälänpolku

Integrated locking and access management control


Jyrkkälä is a council estate that houses about 1,300 families and senior citizens in more than 600 rental properties in 17 apartment buildings. Owned by Kiinteistö Oy Jyrkkälänpolku (KOy), Jyrkkälä is located close to nature in a beautiful setting, about five kilometers from the city center of Turku, in the West of Finland.

With its parks, greenery and flowers, residents find Jyrkkälä a peaceful and secure place to live. The sense of community is created by the closely-knit neighborhood and spending time together. Built between 1968 and 1974, the properties have been thoroughly renovated and refurbished over the years. Updating the locking system for the properties was a vital part of a large renovation project undertaken in 2016.

The challenges that faced Jyrkkälänpolku

The biggest problem facing the administration team with regard to locking was the limited usability and functionality of the Axema access control system in the properties they manage. Another issue was that it was necessary to have three different mechanical key sets for the property’s real estate, because the building stock in the area did not practically fit into one locking system. They also had experiences of lost master keys and the resulting costs and inconvenience involved in re-keying.

The customer had precise criteria for the functionality of their new locking system. For reassurance, the CEO of KOy asked iLOQ to arrange a working demo solution. In cooperation with our partner, a demo environment was created at Turun Lukko’s premises. It quickly became apparent that iLOQ S10 was the perfect solution for KOy’s challenges.

The main criteria were that it must be possible in real time to grant or deny access rights to the premises, timed access given remotely, and overall control of the system must be quick and easy. It was decided to replace the common spaces controlled by Axema with the iLOQ S10 Online solution. Typically, residential properties use some kind of mechanical locking system and have to supplement the system with an additional access control device, such as an access code lock or a reader. This can be inefficient and expensive to manage. iLOQ Online seamlessly combines locking and access control functions and meets the requirements of residential properties easily, simply and at a low cost. iLOQ S10 Offline was also a suitable system for KOy, during the extensive renovation project in the site.

iLOQ S10’s key reader/hotspot is a quick and easy way to update residents’ access rights. Saunas are frequently used in Finland. By placing the hotspot at the entrance to the sauna facilities, it’s a good way to ensure updates are passed onto residents!

iLOQ S10 Online is just one benefit of the solution. The maintenance and life cycle expenses are significantly lower than those of mechanical or battery-operated electromechanical locking systems. And iLOQ S10 solves issues caused by lost keys, unauthorized copying of keys, expiration of patents and the misuse of common areas. You can read more about iLOQ S10 here.

Installation and deployment

The first phase of the installation started in the A-F houses in November and December 2017. This included 298 locks and 757 keys programmed in the iLOQ Manager software.

By midsummer 2018, the implementation of the project was completed in three stages. The second phase in April comprised 214 apartments and their common facilities. The third phase from April–May comprised 238 apartments and their common facilities. And, finally, the fourth phase from May–June which covered all other buildings in the region, including offices, service buildings, communal laundry, etc. In total, the complete system contains 1179 locks including 221 online locks and 2410 keys.

“The introduction of the iLOQ S10 has enabled the property administration team to be as self-sufficient as possible. The access management of the properties – key programming, cancelling and updating – is centrally and conveniently managed by the service secretary.”

Lauri Ahonen, CEO, Kiinteistö Oy Jyrkkälänpolku

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