The Haaning Collection

Flexible and future-proof security for a precious collection


It is difficult to categorize The Haaning Collection, based in Bagsværd, Denmark. Some say it is a car museum, others describe it is a tourist hotspot while many see it as a unique sensory experience.

Nicholas, Michael and their father Erik Haaning’s Museum of Classic Motor Cars features an impressive collection of 85 cars, 30 motorcycles, 30 mopeds and 12,000 model cars. In addition, the site also features a café, cinema, playground, racing simulator and event facilities.

As the Haaning ‘empire’ began to grow, they quickly realized that they needed a flexible and secure locking system to protect their prized possessions while providing smooth and efficient access for both employees and visitors.

The main criteria were to find a cost-efficient and simple cloud-based access management system that could handle secure access in multiple levels. The solution was found in 2021 when the iLOQ S5 battery-free digital locking system was installed. The site currently features 39 locks with 55 keys in circulation.

Staff can move around smoothly and carry out their duties effectively. Access rights can be quickly and easily updated as needs change. And security levels remain high by ensuring only the right people have access to the right places at the right time – particularly important when there are a high number of visitors to the site.

“It was important for us to find a locking system that was flexible, future-proof and of a quality high enough to create the necessary security for our collection. We found that in iLOQ,” explains Nicholas Haaning.

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