KWA Parkstift Aeskulap

Ensuring service and safety in senior citizens’ homes


More than 200 senior citizens live in six residential buildings in the KWA Parkstift Aeskulap in Bad Nauheim, close to Frankfurt in Germany. The living model ‘Wohnstift’ resembles assisted living, but the park also provides an extensive range of cultural activities to occupy and stimulate residents. Health services are also second to none. The Aeskulap outpatient care service operates in the park around the clock. And, if increased care is needed, there is the option of moving within the facility into so-called residential care. Day care, short-term care and preventive care complete the range of services offered.

With plenty of outdoor activities to chose from and indoor facilities such as a spa with swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool, steam room and gym, sociability is actively encouraged. However, to cater for those who enjoy their own privacy, the apartments are fully self-sufficient with kitchens, bathroom and a balcony or terrace.

Safety is a high priority for older people. Just as in any other apartment building, residents need to be confident that no unauthorized visitors will have access to their property. Since the end of 2018, all apartment doors of the Wohnstift have been secured with the iLOQ S10 locking solution. Residents appreciate how easy the key is to use. Administrators appreciate how much more the system has to offer.

The access rights of lost keys can be easily removed from the system and new keys can be quickly reprogrammed and re-issued. And there is no need to change or re-key any locks or change any of the keys still in use. And, as the power needed to confirm access rights and open the lock comes from the motion of inserting the key into the lock, no batteries or cables are needed. iLOQ S10 has helped KWA to simplify administration and minimize costs.

KWA is focused on applying environmentally friendly and resource-saving techniques and measures in renovations and for new buildings. iLOQ’s solutions fit in very well with this forward-looking concept.

“Safety is a top priority for residents and for us. With iLOQ S10, we have found an environmentally friendly solution that saves resources and keeps safety at the highest possible level.”

Sieglinde Hankele, Press and Public Relations, KWA Parkstift Aeskulap.

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