University Properties of Finland Ltd

Maximized security with minimized costs


The University Properties of Finland Ltd – SYK – has about 210 campus buildings spread out over 1.2 million square meters of real estate outside the metropolitan area.

In the past, mechanical locking cylinders and traditional keys had been used in the technical premises of the University of Oulu campus. There were originally 500 keys, but only 200 were named. After various staff changes, 300 ‘unknown’ keys were in circulation. With no information about who was able to access the premises, security levels were extremely low. This posed a severe access management challenge.

SYK needed a solution that was secure, sustainable, easy to control and cost effective. In total, SYK has more than 4000 technical facilities. With around 500 doors on the premises, the Oulu campus served as an excellent pilot for the iLOQ S50 mobile access sharing solution.

No batteries, cables or keys

“We wanted to find one system where keys and access rights were easy and secure to manage. In addition to this, the system had to work with our existing doors without major modifications such as electric cabling. With so many doors on our sites, even small additional work is costly, and a battery-operated system would push costs through the roof,” explains Ville Kautto, Maintenance Manager, University Properties of Finland Ltd.

Being battery-free, iLOQ’s solution eliminates the time, money and environmental impact of maintenance-related travelling associated with a battery-operated system. With around 500 doors, and a time estimate of roughly 10 minutes per door to change the batteries, the purchase costs, maintenance time and battery waste would have quickly mounted up.

No electric cables are needed for the doors meaning the solution is quick, easy and cost-effective to install and requires no changes to the existing infrastructure. And being a mobile solution, there are no physical keys; access rights are sent to a staff member’s smartphone running iLOQ’s app. This eliminates the risks if keys are lost or stolen.

Real-time audit trails enable SYK to keep track of all users who visit their technical facilities helping to prevent unauthorized access. Access rights can quickly and easily be sent to a staff member’s mobile phone, updated as necessary and cancelled if a phone is lost. And everything can be done remotely – there is no need for a physical access point.

“iLOQ’s solution brings the security of our technical facilities to the level that a modern property owner should have,” concludes Mr Kautto.

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