Kuopio University Hospital

Superior access control safeguards medicines


In any situation where care-workers are responsible for the looking after and giving of medicines to patients, it is important to follow a set of general principles to ensure that this is done safely.

One of the main principles for the safe and appropriate handling of medicines is that they should be kept under lock and key. Medical carts at the Kuopio University Hospital are efficiently protected with iLOQ’s range of padlocks and cam locks. They provide efficient control and monitor the access rights of the hospital’s secure storages such as medicine cabinets and trolleys. Currently, there are 3853 locks and 4461 keys in use with more being added all the time.

“In my opinion, iLOQ’s biggest advantage over traditional locking systems is the ease and speed of key and lock management. If necessary, changes can be made immediately. It’s quick and easy to use the system thanks to the simple user interface. Another important factor is security; the log makes it easy to track misuse, and the ability to quickly cancel the access rights of a lost key guarantees that security levels remain high, while costs stay low.”

Hannu Lahti, Kuopio University Hospital

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