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Locking solution for commercial, educational and municipal properties

Locking solution for commercial, educational and municipal properties

iLOQ makes life easier and more cost-effective by providing smart and secure access to the buildings and spaces we use daily. Our sustainable products fulfill the needs of all sectors by transforming mechanical locking into highly functional and flexible cellphone-based access sharing and management.

Real-time and remote
access management

Commercial, educational and municipal buildings have several things in common – they all have a large amount of facilities, numerous access points and high numbers of people needing access. With facilities being updated, expanded or repurposed and access needs changing frequently, ensuring only the right people have access to the right places at the right times can be a time-consuming and expensive nightmare.

With iLOQ’s cellphone-based solution, managing access rights, maintaining high levels of security and ensuring the smooth flow of people couldn’t be easier or more cost effective.

Easy to update and expand

Access rights to all access points are remotely programmed using iLOQ’s easy-to-use cloud-based SaaS platform. These can include, for example, doors, padlocks or key boxes. A cellphone-based ‘key’ containing all the access rights is sent to the iLOQ app running on the end user’s NFC-enabled cellphone. This key can be updated if a person needs to access more or different areas, or canceled when necessary ensuring fast, efficient and secure movement around the premises.

Huge cost savings

iLOQ locking cylinders can be quickly and easily installed or retrofitted with no changes to the existing infrastructure. The cylinders are battery-free eliminating the cost for purchasing batteries or the maintenance time and costs involved with changing them. With a cellphone-based solution, there are no security risks associated with physical keys. And there are no costs involved with key cutting or changing the locking system, for example, if a key is lost or stolen.

One cellphone-based key is enough

A single cellphone-based key contains all the access rights the user needs. There is no need to carry around numerous keys for multiple access points.

Our solution is the greenest and most sustainable, ever